More Customers. More Revenue. More Growth.

Learn How to Generate A Consistent Flow of New Customers With A Birthday Club.

Watch the video to see how this is possible:

Birthday Clubs help you grow your business in three ways:

Get daily new customers.

Get ongoing visibility and exposure.

Increase your sales.

How it works:

We identify 100s lof local resideints who are having a birthday within one week and 10 miles of your restaurant.

We provide an incentive that encourages them to celebrate their special day at your restaurant.

We then send those customers to your restaurant to celebrate their special day.

How important are birthdays to Canadians?


Nine in ten Canadians say it’s important to celebrate birthdays.


When it comes to celebrating their own birthday, most Canadians say it’s important to share it with family and friends.


Two in three Canadians say that having a cake makes their birthday more special.


Fifty-two percent of Canadians eat out as a treat, for a special occasion or celebration, to socialize with friends or family.

According to the Globe and Mail:

Eating out is the top financial indulgence for most Canadians.

Birthday customers are your highest value customer per transaction as they rarely eat alone and generally bring groups.


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