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Benefits of SMS Marketing for Restaurants

Lesson 5

The competition is fierce in the food service industry as more and more restaurants keep popping up. The only way you can survive in the sector is by attracting more and more foodies to your restaurant. You’ll struggle to keep the doors open if you can’t attract customers to your venue.

While there are many ways to attract customers to your restaurant, none are as effective as SMS marketing. Read on to learn about the benefits that SMS marketing can provide to your restaurant business.

1. Increase Footfall in Your Restaurant

SMS marketing allows you to promote your special offers to your customers and compel them to come to your restaurant. Whether it’s a Buy One, Get One (BOGO) free deal, discount coupons or a free gift contest, you can make your customers aware of it through a text message and attract them to your restaurant. Since text messages have a 97 percent open rate, there is a good chance that the recipient will see your message. If your offer appeals to the recipient, they’ll likely come to your place to avail it.

2. Great Reach

Different marketing channels can be used by a restaurant for promoting their offer. Some use social media while many advertise using emails. Social media advertisement is less effective compared to SMS marketing because a customer must be present on a social media platform to actually see the advertisement message. Email marketing is less effective because many times marketing emails aren’t read by customers.

SMS marketing works because a text message is delivered right to the customers’ pocket and they’re very likely to open it within 3 seconds of getting the text. This means text message marketing has a great reach than many of the other marketing channels.

3. Customer Loyalty

You can set up a VIP SMS club and encourage people to join it. Exclusive deals can be sent to the members of the club to encourage them to become your repeat customers. If your deals are compelling, your customers will have a reason for coming to your restaurant. You’ll even see some of them become loyal customers of your establishment.

4. Cost-Effective

SMS marketing may look expensive because of its many remarkable capabilities. However, compared to other marketing channels, it is really inexpensive and provides great value at a fraction of the cost.

5. Event-Based Marketing

SMS marketing can help you promote your special business events. You can set up schedule messages for the event ahead of time depending on the date of your event. You can remind customers of your event by sending them a text message a few days before the event.

Now that you know the benefits of using SMS marketing in restaurants, do you want to get started with restaurant SMS marketing? Yes? That’s great. Give us a call and we’ll set up a VIP club for your restaurant’s SMS marketing campaign. 

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