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SMS Marketing For Real Estate Agents

Lesson 6

Text marketing or SMS marketing has proven to be a quick and reliable communication strategy for real estate agents as it helps maintain relationships with buyers, brokers, vendors, tenants and landlords. As a real estate agent, you know that time is of paramount importance in the real estate world. You cannot wait for a client interested in buying a property to check their email as you can lose out on a great new listing. Similarly, you can’t waste your valuable dollars calling people who aren’t interested. Texting is immediate, and has a good response rate. 

Several statistics have confirmed the value of SMS marketing. These include:

  • SMS has a 98 percent open rate which is five times more than email. 
  • SMS has a 45 percent response rate
  • 95% of all text messages are read within 3 minutes with most being read within 5 seconds

In part four of our five-part series, let’s have a look at how the true power of SMS marketing can bring to real estate agents.

How Real Estate Agents Can Use SMS Marketing 

Put Keywords under “For Sale”

Sending a text message only takes a couple of seconds and majority of the people won’t hesitate to do it. What they’ll get in response will be valuable information about the property that they can easily access in a moment.

Imagine: A person driving by your listing notices your “For Sale” sign. They are curious about the property but are ‘just looking’ so they don’t want to call your office and wait for you to return their call. But right there on your sign is a text number and a keyword. The curious person sends a text to that number and immediately receive your automated text message telling them about the details of the property like price, size, and number of bedrooms, and your contact number. What’s even better is that you get a text notifying you that someone is sitting right in front of your property and has requested information about that property. You can immediately follow up with an interested buyer.

Unique Keywords to be Used for Different Properties 

You can use different keywords for different properties. That way, when a lead interested in the property texts you, they’ll receive the information pertaining to that specific property. You should not only place your keywords on the “For Sale” sign, but also advertise it on your listings featured online. Knowing that their agent has a system for interacting with interested buyers is a strong reason for a seller to list with you rather than your competition.

Keep the Leads Interested 

Buying a new house is a major investment and the decision requires some time. Your leads will take their time to think about your property. However, they can even forget about you while they view other properties. Through autoresponders, you can keep the leads interested and keep reminding them about your property. If the particular property that the person was interested is sold, with SMS marketing you can keep in touch with them and let them know of other available properties in their search neighbourhoods. 

Having an SMS marketing system in place to generate leads for your listings by automatically responding to queries allows you to maximize your time by sorting out the ‘tire kickers’ from genuinely interested buyers - and you can concentrate your efforts on them. When you are ready to implement your own SMS marketing system, we can help.

In the next and final part of our series on SMS marketing, we’re going to look at how combining SMS marketing with email is the one-two punch to reach your customers.

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