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Tips to Follow When Using SMS Marketing for a Salon or Spa

Lesson 4

A few years ago, business owners were unaware of the importance of SMS marketing. They thought that SMS was nowhere as powerful and effective as other channels. However, this attitude has shifted. Business owners today realize that SMS marketing can play a crucial role in their success. That’s why more and more businesses are now using this marketing channel for business promotion.

Like other businesses, spas and salons can also benefit from SMS marketing provided they get it right. To that end, here are some tips you should follow if you intend to use SMS marketing for your spa or salon. 

1. Keep the Message Simple

The message you send to your spa or salon client should be simple and short. It should not contain any fluff or jargon that your customers can’t understand.

2. Stay Professional

Stay professional when you’re promoting your brand through text messages. Check the punctuation, spelling and grammar of the text before sending it. Your text messages will reflect the quality of service you provide. Therefore, it is important for your texts to be professional.

3. Know Your Audience

If you want to promote your salon or spa through SMS, it is essential for you to understand your target audience. That way, you can send them promotions that they would be interested in.

4. Be Personal

Personalize your text message for the client. Make sure that each of your text messages contains the name of the recipient. If you send mass text messages without personalizing them, recipients will feel that they are just a number to you and you don’t care about them. Names and personalized greeting can change this and show to the recipient that the message they received was meant for them alone.

5. Be Consistent, But Don’t Spam

If you want to be successful with SMS marketing, you need to be consistent. By consistency, we mean that you should send one or two text messages every two weeks. You don’t want to go overboard and send several text messages to your customers. This would just annoy them and they may opt out of receiving your messages.

6. Use Branding Basics

Use tactics that’ll warrant a response. Moreover, employ call-to-actions (CTAs) that’ll compel the recipient to take an action. Here’s an example:

“Hi, Julie! 10 percent off on deep tissue massage with XYZ tomorrow, May 30 only. Call 555-986-0000 to book your appointment before it’s too late”

7. Measure Metrics

If you don’t measure the results of your SMS marketing campaign, how will you know if it’s giving you the results you desire? To check if your SMS marketing campaign is working, measure all the important metrics of your campaign.

Now that you know the tips to follow with SMS marketing for your spa or salon, don’t hesitate about getting started with it. Feel free to reach out to us if you need any assistance setting up your SMS marketing campaign. 

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