SMS Marketing

What Makes a Good Text Message?

Lesson 3

SMS marketing, when done right, can expand your reach and help your business get more customers. However, you can’t fully capitalize on text marketing unless you craft effective messages that have the potential to encourage people to take action. How do you create compelling and effective messages that’ll help your SMS marketing campaign? In this third instalment of our five-part SMS Marketing series we're going to answer that question.

Develop Compelling CTAs 

Messages without a compelling call-to-action are least effective. The best CTAs include active words, correlate to the business, are prominent and instill urgency. You message shouldn’t just provide information to customer. It should compel the customer to take action as well. For example, if you send a message informing your customers about and event or new product, you should include a call to action that invites the customer to return to see the new product or attend the event.

Don’t Use Abbreviations 

Not everyone understands or likes abbreviations. Moreover, text abbreviations will make the customer feel like you weren’t really interested in replying to them. Therefore, avoid using abbreviations in your text messages. Write clear sentences and tailor content to your customers.

Create SMS Message with Value 

Another essential aspect of SMS marketing is creating value through the message for your audience. Before you send a SMS message, ask yourself, “does it provide value to your target mobile audience?” If not, there’s no point of sending it. Customers should immediately understand the value upon reading your text message. If the value is missing from your text message, customers will stop opening them or worse: they will unsubscribe from receiving your text messages.

Avoid Marketing Gimmicks 

Don’t use SMS as a sales tool. Avoid sending texts with same deals and offers. Moreover, don’t send texts that only ever tell people about your business. Instead, engage your customers by asking for their feedback or opinion.

Keep it Short 

In the text message, you only get 160 characters to capture the attention of customers. Use them wisely. Include only the most important information.

Shorten Your Links 

If you are promoting your offers through SMS and want to send a link via text message, don’t include the full link. Instead use a URL shortener to shorten your links and leave more space for the actual message.

Sign the Message 

When you are determining the message’s length, leave room for your business signature. Otherwise, your recipients may not know that you are messaging them. Include the name of your business as a signature to reinforce your brand and ensure your audience knows who is messaging them.

Time it Right 

Have a special event or a holiday sale coming up? Send your text message close to the start to remind people and use headlines like “SALE” or “Hurry, before the sale ends”.  

By following the tips highlighted above, you can create compelling and effective text messages to engage with your audience.

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