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SMS Marketing for Local Business

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This is an introductory course for small, local business owners who are considering adding SMS marketing into their marketing mix. You'll learn some important SMS marketing terms, how to use SMS for lead generation, the elements of a good text message, how salon/spa owners, restaurants, and realtors can benefit by using SMS messaging, and the power of combining SMS marketing with email.

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SMS Marketing Primer

Here are a few terms you'll need to be familiar with to get started with SMS marketing.

How to Use SMS Messaging for Lead Generation

Discover some helpful tips to do lead generation with the help of SMS messaging.

What Makes a Good Text Message?

Find out some tips for writing an effective and compelling text message.

Tips to Follow When Using SMS Marketing for a Salon or Spa

How to Promote Your Spa or Salon Using SMS Marketing

Benefits of SMS Marketing for Restaurants

Why Use SMS Marketing in Restaurants? Discover the perks of using SMS marketing in a restaurant business

SMS Marketing For Real Estate Agents

Find out how SMS marketing can help your real estate business.

How SMS and Email are the One-Two Punch to Reach Customers

Find out how SMS marketing and email marketing can work together to help your business.

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