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Customer Retention Strategist

Generate More Income. Keep More Profit. Create Lifetime Customers.

Thanks for requesting a chat with me.

Dear Business Owner,

You're on this page because it's highly likely that you are looking for a way to to turn new customers into lifetime regulars, make more money from your existing customers and you're getting more serious about installing a system to help you maximize your profits.

I can probably help you with that, but because I don't know you, I can't say for sure.

And you probably don't know me that well either. So ... let's chat, get to know each other, and figure this thing out for you.

Here's a bit of a heads-up on what will happen when we chat

First, I’ll spend time asking you about your business, where it’s at and where you want to go.    

I'll ask you a whole bunch of questions, and when we chat, it would be helpful for you to be able to answer the following questions:

- What are your Average Daily Gross Sales?

- How Many Days Per Month Are You Open?

- What are your Average Total Monthly Transactions?

- What is the number of your Average Monthly Customers?

This will help me assess how much extra money you can make when you install a VIP Rewards Club in your business. And at that point, I’ll know if a VIP Rewards Club would be a good fit for your needs.    

If it’s not I may be able to recommend something or someone else that would be a better fit.    

And if a VIP Rewards Club is a fit, we can talk about how I work with clients and what you need to do to make a VIP Rewards Club work for you.  Of course, you'll be able to ask me questions as well.

And just so you know in advance, the investment for working with me to install a VIP Rewards Club into your business begins at $247CAD a month, depending on what your needs and budget are.

BTW: here's what our meeting will NOT be...

Just so you know, your 30-minute meeting is not some sort of “sales ambush” where you get your arm twisted and pushed into something that you don’t want. That wouldn’t be fair for you.   

Instead, it’s a chat to see if a VIP Rewards Club would be right for you. And while we may discuss various marketing strategies, the meeting isn't a “Coaching Consult” where I tell you what to do and you go away and do it.

It's better that I'm upfront with you about what it takes to embed a VIP Rewards Club in your business, rather than have you think you can implement one on your own, and then end up frustrated and disappointed that the results were not what you wanted.

And here's what I need from you before you book a time to chat...

Our standard program, which is ideal for many people, starts at only CAD $247 a month.

As your business grows you may upgrade to our other VIP Rewards Club programs and options, and it may well be that we'll talk about some of these options if they're relevant to you, but we'll figure that out together based on your needs and your budget.

So … if you can afford at least the CAD $247 a month, let's see if I have something that can help you and that fits your budget.

The only thing I ask in return is that you come to the meeting seriously committed to installing a VIP Club program into your business and that you can afford for us to work together if we agree that it’s a good idea for you.

Otherwise, there really is no point in us meeting because if we both agree that a VIP Club program is a good fit but you can’t afford it then you’ll be disappointed … and so will I. ☹

OK … so if you’re cool with that then please go ahead and book a time for us to chat … I’ll really look forward to meeting you..

Finally, whatever conclusion we come to at the end of our chat, I want you to feel excited and confident about your future, not frustrated and disappointed. So please fill out the form below and click on the check boxes to confirm that your expectations are in line with what will happen on our call.

Barbara Zarzosa

Founder of New Media Managers

About the Founder

Barbara founded New Media Managers to help overwhelmed local business owners get and keep more clients and customers. She believes that local business are the backbone of our economy and are necessary to healthy communities.

She and her team are dedicated to helping local business owners, just like you, automatically follow-up and engage with your existing customers so you can generate more business, build customer loyalty, boost your bottom line, and have a life!

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