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How to Use SMS Messaging for Lead Generation

Lesson 2

A small business owner who does not collect leads can’t stay in business for long. In the business realm, you can’t just sit there and wait for new customers to show up at your doorstep. You have to make an effort to attract more customers to your business. In other words, you have to generate leads.

One of the most effective ways to generate leads is through SMS messaging. In this second part of our five-part series, we’re going to look at how to use SMS marketing for lead generation.

SMS has a very high open rate and response rate – 98 percent and 45 percent respectively – which makes it ideal for lead generation. The question is, “how do you use SMS for lead generation?”

Make it Available

People can’t text you, if they don’t know you offer this option. Make sure your text number is easy to find. Your short code or text number should be available on your home page, advertising landing pages, Google listing, social media platforms and any other platform where your customers are following you. This way, customers will know that they can interact with you through that number or short code.  

Keep the Focus on the CTA

Why would a customer want to subscribe to your SMS messages? You can attract them by offering an incentive like discounts or special deals. Use an inviting call-to-action to make your offers more appealing to customers. Something like “Text us to get 20% percent discount” should do the trick.

Texting Leads

Once customers have joined your SMS list, you can send them text messages to promote your offers. Find the right frequency of texting and don’t overdo it. I like to recommend two to three times a month to get started.

Have a Process for SMS Leads

Getting leads and sending them a few messages is not enough; that is only half the battle. It is essential to keep them engaged with your business. Here are a few tactics to follow for this purpose:

  • Be Fast

People appreciate a quick response. When they are texting you to find out about something, they expect an instant response. You can use autoresponders to provide instant replies to customers queries with an automated text. This will increase customer satisfaction.

  • Be Clear 

Be clear about your offers and don’t send useless messages to your customers. It shouldn’t sound like you are trying to market your business – even though that’s actually what you are doing. Instead, come out as someone who genuinely cares about customers by informing them about things they may be interested in. 

Businesses are using SMS marketing to attract mobile viewers, target millennials and convert more leads faster. Don’t wait for your competitors to beat you. Start using SMS messaging to capture leads and grow your customer base to increase your sales and maximize your revenue. Feel free to reach us out if you need help getting started with SMS marketing.  

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