Barbara Zarzosa

Customer Retention Strategist

Would you like me to personally help you increase business by upwards of 20% or more?

Generate More Income. Keep More Profit. Create Lifetime Customers.

Dear Business Owner,

Would you like to Generate More Income, Keep More Profit, and Create Lifetime Customers?

I specialize in helping you make more money from your existing customers..

What if….

INCREASE BUSINESS: I could help you increase foot traffic, sales, and customer retention by upwards of 20% or more.

What if…

LIFETIME CUSTOMERS:  I could teach you how to turn new customers into lifetime regulars, ensuring they come back over and over again?

What if…

MAKE MORE MONEY: I could show you how to make more money from your existing customers immediately, without generating new customers.

Would you want to know how?

If so, then I would like to help you. For  a limited time, I'm helping 3 businesses uncover hidden profits in their business that they’re most likely not aware of. I call this a ‘profit assessment’


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    1. The profit assessment highlights the money you’re currently leaving on the table, and the additional revenue you could create by simply installing a ‘customer communication system’ in your business.
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    2. A customer communication system allows you to make more money from your existing customers, so you can increase profits immediately.
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    3. Most businesses are shocked by the amount of money they’re leaving on the table. It’s not uncommon to find an additional $3,000/month or more in hidden profits.


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    Step 1 - Build a VIP Club. 
    I help you build a database of all your deal customers and existing customers. My proprietary system captures data such as email, phone, birthday, and anniversary.
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    Step 2 - Create your offers.
    You'll receive my Monthly Mobile Promotion Planning Kit (a $97 value) so that you can do some advanced planning of the specials and promotions you want to offer your VIP Club members. Then, I help you market these specials and offers to your VIP customers by quickly reaching your customers via mobile coupons and email marketing. (highly effective).

REMEMBER: Successful business owners understand that the long term profit is in the ‘customer database’ and that access to customers equals business control.

Simply having a database of customers you can quickly and easily reach whenever you want, is the secret to quickly increasing your profits.

To generate more revenue and to get more bang for your advertising dollars, you need a way to easily reach your customers via text message and email, so you’re able to market to your existing customers and your deal customers whenever you want, how often you want.


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    1 - Profit Assessment. 
    In depth strategy session valued at $197 that will reveal how you can increase business immediately. I’ll help you calculate the exact dollar amount in additional revenue you can achieve.
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    Step 2 - Create your offers.
    I charge $297-$397 per month just to build a VIP Club, and three businesses will get my custom marketing system that includes my Monthly Mobile Promotion Planning Kit (a $97 value) for FREE for 60 days!


Well, in complete transparency, this is how I get clients. I would rather let the demonstration of my work and value speak for itself. I'd rather earn your business, not ask for it. So, once I put this structured blueprint together, one of two things will happen...

1-You appreciate the help I provide you, and you decide to implement my strategies with your own team. That’s perfectly fine.


2-You see the immense value I provide, and you decide to allow me and my team help you implement these strategies with NO additional work on your part. We take care of everything.

Bottomline, the brief time we’ll spend will be extremely valuable, as I'm confident I can help you uncover lost profits you’re most likely not aware of.

So clearly you have everything to gain and nothing to lose. If this sounds good, and you’d like me to put together this limited time $197 valued FREE retention blueprint, here’s what to do next….


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Barbara Zarzosa

Founder of New Media Managers

About the Founder

Barbara founded New Media Managers to help overwhelmed local business owners get and keep more clients and customers. She believes that local business are the backbone of our economy and are necessary to healthy communities.

She and her team are dedicated to helping local business owners, just like you, automatically follow-up and engage with your existing customers so you can generate more business, build customer loyalty, boost your bottom line, and have a life!

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