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Do you know what people online are saying about your business?

Wouldn’t you like to get a detailed report that gives you an evaluation of your business’s online presence that shows exactly what your customers see, what’s working for you and where you can improve?

(and wouldn't you love it if it only cost 7 bucks!)

So what's in this report?

Our report is a personalized review that compares your businesses’ online presence to others in your industry.

While we give you an overall score, we dig deeper to examine three core areas of your online presence:

Listing presence and accuracy

Where you are listed online determines how easy it is for customers to find you online and offline.

While people may see the advertising you do, what good is that if they can’t find you? You may as well toss your advertising dollars right out the window.

Without ensuring a good score in this area, potential customers are sure to turn to the competition.

Reviews and mentions

Your customers share their opinions and experience with your business online through reviews, testimonials, in articles or blogs, and even in offhand comments on social media.

Your business reputation is whatever people online are saying about you. And since 90% of people read online reviews before they decide to buy, don’t you think you need to be part of that conversation?

Social performance

Every day millions of customers declare their buying intentions on social media.

Successful customer service is about having a two-way conversation.

Your customers’ comments on social media are just as important as your customers calling your telephone line.

You’d answer your phone, wouldn’t you?

YES! I want to see how my business is doing online.

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