Please Check Your Email

Thank you for reserving your spot! 

Please note that it takes us 2 business days to set up your free trial.

These are the next steps:


Check your email inbox

Be sure to check the inbox of the email address you used to sign up on the previous page. We will notify you at that address when your New Customer Growth System Trial has been set up.

Open the confirmation email

Find the email sent by us. It has the subject line "Your New Customer Growth System Trial" and is sent from "New Media Managers".

Print the attached coupons

Attached to the email are the coupons you need to put in your glass bowl along with the instructions on how to use the system. Print the coupons and put them in a glass bowl behind your cash register. Once we've set things up, everything runs automatically.

To see a demonstration of how the system works, text 'learn more' to 266-782-0499

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