Learn How We Can Help You Sell More Homes Faster!

What if...

There was a way that you could know whenever a potential buyer is in front of your listing?

And what if you knew if the prospect was interested in getting more information, and you were notified the very moment they ‘raised their hand’ to request information?

And what if they were able to communicate with you in a non-threatening manner, that will lead to more meetings?

And what if this system works 24/7 without your presence?

Would that be valuable to you? (of course right?)

Well, you may be wondering how do you do that?

The lowest hanging fruit is leveraging your yard sign and we can help you turn it into a lead generation machine.

Consider this...

Interested prospect...

A prospect is in the market for a home. Looking online on real estate websites don’t always do it justice. They want to drive around after work or on a beautiful Saturday to look at homes.

Sees a home they like...

They see a home that catches their attention and see your yard sign.

2 Choices...

They have a choice: call the agent to get more information or keep driving.

The issue...

They are just doing research. They don’t want to engage in a full conversation and feel pressured to do something when they’re not ready yet. They need a non-threatening way to get more info and progress the conversation on their terms. But how?

The Solution...

Text message! Yes, on your yard sign there is a call to action that says:

 “For more info on this property, just text KEYWORD to 555-555-1212".


The moment they text, they receive pictures, property info, and a virtual tour of your listing. They like what they see. Meanwhile…

You get notified...

You receive an immediate real-time notification while the potential buyer is in front of your property. You can quickly call them while they are still looking, and book an appointment.

By simply improving the way prospects communicate with you, you’re able to follow up twice as fast, and you only spend your time talking to the most qualified prospects. That's the way to effortlessly generate more leads!

If you do not have a way to capitalize on the ‘moments’ your prospects are most interested, you’re truly missing out on maximizing your listing's effectiveness. 

Communication, timing and follow up are key to closing more sales. Let our done for you lead system go to work for you, so you can sell more homes!

Take our system for a test drive...


Text 'more leads' to


Summary of What You’ll Get...

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    A dedicated ten-digit phone number.
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    Done for you service.
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    100 SMS messages per listing.
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    No long-term contracts.

A better way to easily identify the most interested buyers, generate leads and follow up with qualified prospects.