SMS Marketing

Business Owner's SOP Manual for SMS Text Marketing

5 Chapters 15 Lessons Easy

About this course

Marketing is most effective where the attention is, and mobile is that attention platform in today ’s age.

You made a good decision in choosing to install a VIP Loyalty Club as part of your business growth strategy. This course serves to provide you with best practices, and a standard operating procedure to best help you yield the most effective results in your mobile marketing efforts.

Before we start, it’s important to realize that you have invested time and money into this form of marketing, and it’s important to get your program started correctly. The overall goal is to improve foot traffic, sales, and customer retention. It is not uncommon to see a 30% increase in business when properly leveraging this form of marketing to maximize your results from mobile marketing,

Make sure to follow every step throughout this course, because if the recommended best practices are not followed, then the results of your mobile marketing campaigns will be significantly less effective, and subject to a failure to attain your goals.

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