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Business Owner's SOP Manual for SMS Text Marketing

5 Chapters 15 Lessons Easy

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In this section we will cover the different types of text offers to run for your business.

The examples listed are for restaurants, but the thought process and premise you should have behind every text is to ask yourself “what is my goal?.”

Not every offer is the same and your intention should dictate the type of promotion to run. A common mistake several businesses make when engaging in SMS Text-Marketing is treating all offers the same. In fact, certain deals appeal to different audiences, and the business may be comprised of multiple audiences. It's important to properly target your messages to the desired group in accordance with your goal. Here are multiple types of offers with examples of what the offer would look like based on the offer type:

1. SAVE MORE TEXT - show this text for % off any combo

  • Get $3 off your total bill with the purchase of a BBQ plate
  • Take $5 off any plate with the purchase of an additional plate

2. SPEND MORE TEXT - Reward purchase over {larger than average purchase}

  • Show this txt for $___ gift card when you spend more than $___ on dinner
  • Free dessert & side with purchase over $20
  • $15 worth of food for only $9
  • $___ off when you purchase any menu plate

3. GET MORE - one free hamburger when you purchase two

  • Buy 1 smoked chicken sandwich get 1 free
  • Free dessert & side with the purchase of any plate
  • Buy 2 plates get 2 FREE desserts

4. EXCLUSIVE DEALS - Tuesday only special. Free dessert when you say the secret word of the day {insert secret word}

  • Free side of fries with any sandwich when you say the word ‘food’
  • Today only brisket and ribs 1/2 off!
  • Pssst! This week’s VIP SPECIAL … {special deal}

5. VIRAL TEXT - forward to a friend

  • Free dessert with any plate. Show this text to 5 friends and show us the message, you also get your drink free!
  • Forward the {special of the day} to 5 friends and show us the text, get a FREE dessert & extra side with your next meal
  • or simply:  Today’s Special is XYZ. Forward this to your Friends!

6. ALL INCLUSIVE - get this, that, and more for $___

  • Get any sandwich, side, & drink for $5. Today only
  • Family meal-get 3 desserts, 3 sides, gallon of iced tea, whole rack of ribs for $30

7. TRAFFIC-DRIVER OFFERS - come in between 5-8pm & get _____{special offer}

  • Come in between 5-8pm to get your entire order 40% off
  • Bring a friend or family member between 12-8pm & get 2 drinks FREE w/ the purchase of an entree

8. PREDICTIVE TEXT - because of {local event, weather, special day} you need {your offer}

  • Beat the heat! come cool off with a FREE iced tea on the house
  • BBQ picnic day. get a bbq dinner meal for only $25. Includes dessert, gallon of tea, 3 sides, & meat. Today only
  • Off work special- get $20 worth of spend for $15 worth of food. Minimum purchase $15

9. CUSTOMER APPRECIATION - because we love ya’ we are doing {special offer}

  • Tonight only. All you can Eat BBQ! Only $10.99. Show text to claim offer
  • Buy 1 {something} get 1 Free! Today only. Show text to claim offer
  • Summer cookout! Come hang out with us. $10 admission per person. Kids $5 per head. Music, games, food, fun!

10. EVENT BUILD UP - send a text to promote a big event

  • Restaurant cookout
  • Restaurant bbq eating challenge
  • Customer appreciation days
  • Predictive marketing days, when you know a special event is coming up such as Fathers day, Memorial day. Send a text to remind them


  • Text to win Tuesday! 1 out 25 winners will win FREE lunch today. Play now!
  • You’ve won the Free Burrito! Show this txt to collect.


  • Labor Day Weekend Special, good till {DATE}
  • Back to School Special, $XYZ off first week in September only


  • Say “Coffee Brake Rules!” to get free donut with coffee order
  • Say “I Love Brad Pitt!” to get 50% off coffee order Today Only
  • Say “Bingo! Bingo!” to win free scratcher all this week
  • Or: Sunday Funday! Wear mis-matched socks today only, show socks and text to get (XYZ)
  • Wild Wednesday: Walk in, proclaim loudly “I Love BEER!” and show text (and ID) for 50-cent beer today only.


  • Secret deal only for VIP members
  • (The deal can be any of the above types)
  • COFFEEBRAKE secret special – get express mocha large for 50cents off!
  • Pssst! BURGERMAX secret special – three burgers for price of two!
  • Ask to see the Secret Blackboard Special. Pass it on.


  • X-number of winners: Every 7th person gets coffee free! (must have special system that allows for this special programming)
  • Alphabet winners: If your name begins with letter “J” free coffee!
  • Guess the Secret Number (1-9) and get X% or $X off!


  • Today only - two for one cappuccino  (order-booster better than discount)
  • For the next two hours, till 5pm -- Get a latte, have a donut for free!


  • Got our Loyalty Card? Triple-Stamps today only!
  • Get a Loyalty Card today and get five stamps today only!


  • Market research on new items
  • Test both our new appetizers, fill out survey, for price of one.
  • Special deal & price, and limited availability (use this to test customer acceptance of a possible new item; buy small quantity, offer only via text, get customer feedback. No need to reprint menus till it’s a winner!)

19. BIGGER TABLE (if avg table=2 customers, make the deal for 3 or 4 at table)

  • table of 4 gets (dessert, discount)
  • birthday - your dinner free when bring 5 guests


  • Signup here to win Gift Cert
  • Give a gift card to friend; get equal-value
  • Double-Stamp Wednesday (on slowday, get double stamp on loyalty card)
  • Bring a friend to get a loyalty card, get yours stamped triple with order


  1. COFFEEBRAKE all weekend – Buy small Cappucino, get Large!
  2. Or: COFFEEBRAKE this week – Get Large Cappucino for price of Small!

(Note: The same deal, stated differently, may have very different results.)

22. FUNDRAISER WITH LOCAL ORGANIZATION (school, fire-fighters, xmas-food)

  • Requires coordination with local organization (rotary, school, etc)
  • They use the children/members to sell tickets
  • Tickets provide free (food, discounts, discount card) or a contest to win


  • Now and then you may wish to send a fun, inspirational, or helpful message which contains no selling at all (or that presages an upcoming deal)
  • Coming this Friday, the [Your Town] Artwalk. Get Artsy! Come see us!
  • Coming Friday, the Boomtown Rodeo. Yee-haw! (and watch for special deal)
  • Next week, the [Your Town] Food-for-Tots program. Smartphone? Tap [weblink goes here] for more info.


  • Why not strike a deal with a compatible merchant, and send traffic to each other?
  • STEAKHOUSE friend Thomas Jewelers has special Valentines pricing, good next week only, for Steakhouse customers. Show text for secret deals.
  • (And in return, Thomas Jewelers will broadcast text to their client about your Valentines Dinner-for-Two deal … or …
  • If Thomas Jewelers has no text, get him to hand out a printed coupon to every one of his customers, telling them to come into the Steakhouse and sign up for the special text deals there.
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